You only have 7 seconds to make a good first impression. For those 7 seconds you are under the microscope as society makes snap judgements from every level. If you have any shot of winning others over, you better make that first impression a lasting one. Otherwise, you’ll blend right into a sea of businesses that just couldn’t cut through the noise.

But that isn’t Busy Blogs Plus.

If you’re still reading, we probably passed the 7-second test. You know quality when you see it, and you can’t help but continue reading because you want to know what we’ll say next. OK, so maybe we’re giving ourselves a lot of credit. But it’s hard to deny that Busy Blogs Plus has some serious skill. And we’ll knock your blogging socks off.

Here’s why.

1. Streamlined Strategic Creativity

It’s one thing to showcase your creativity through your marketing; it’s another thing entirely to do so with strategy in mind. Strategized blogging combined with creativity keeps your audience coming back for more. The focus isn’t only on what you say, but how you say it and how you present yourself.

Busy Blog Plus has the triple threat factor for strategizing, implementing, and crafting creative blog content that blows minds and lifts barriers. We believe that creativity is the key to finding your voice and winning over your customers time and time again. Every blog post is slow cooked in strategy, simmered in creativity, and devoured by every reader of your blog.

2. Quality That Never Quits

It’s easy for content agencies to put their best foot forward on your first batch of blog posts, then fall flat on quality as time passes by. If there is anything we are serious about delivering to clients, it’s value. The best part is that we provide free revisions if you aren’t completely satisfied. Your blog is the voice of your brand, and every keystroke is carefully considered as we craft your company’s content.

3. Qualified Academic Credentials

Amanda Lynch, CEO of Busy Blogs Plus, is not just an ordinary blogger. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Writing & Editing from an accredited university in the United States. She served as her college newspaper’s copy editor and obsesses over word choice, sentence structure, and everything in between.

4. In-House Corporate Blogging Background

What’s more verifiable than real-world blogging experience? Busy Blog Plus’ CEO started as a corporate in-house blogger for a national replacement window company. She helped increase the brand’s online awareness and developed blog content that turned clicks into conversions. Today, the company has one of the most active, creative, and engaging blogs in the entire replacement window industry.

5. Client Blogs Are Turbocharged

The most unique angle that Busy Blogs Plus offers is its focus on multi-channel marketing. Your blog on its own is capable of driving tons of traffic, but why not maximize its power? Our proven formula increases traffic flow with compelling multi-platform content. Your blog is turbocharged with video, slideshows, social blog banners, and more. This turns your business blog into a true Busy Blog that makes your brand money.

6. Top Performing Keywords Kick Search Rank Into High Gear

We don’t aimlessly pick content from the clouds, post it on your blog, and hope for the best. Every blog post made by Busy Blogs Plus has a purpose and incorporates your best keywords to get the most exposure possible.

7. Boring Products Become Big Time Entertainment

We love the challenge of blogging about boring products. In fact, if you have a boring product or service, we welcome the challenge! You don’t need a luxurious brand or product in order to get good blog content. Whether you are selling shoe strings or antique silverware, we’ll turn snooze-worthy products into the life of the (blogging) party.

8. Competitive And Upfront Pricing That Won’t Bust Your Budget

Doesn’t it drive you crazy that other blogging agencies require you to contact them for a price quote? Why can’t they just be upfront about it? At Busy Blogs Plus, we don’t play guessing games. Our pricing is posted right on our website for the world to see. Whether you are a customer or a competitor, we don’t mind that you know our prices. Why? Because we believe that our prices are fair, and we think it’s unlikely that you will find our quality work at our price point elsewhere. We want all levels of businesses to be able to afford blogging services so they can enjoy the ROI and its many other benefits.

Busy Blogs Plus holds the blueprint for big time business blogging. We’re driven to develop exceptional blog content that moves mountains for our clients. There’s never been a better time to start your business blogging strategy, and Busy Blogs Plus is the first step to a better blog and a bigger brand.

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