Who is Busy Blogs Plus?

Amanda Lynch is Owner and President of Busy Blogs Plus. She began her career in corporate blogging straight out of college in 2011. She was hired as a social media manager for a national home improvement company, where she managed 60+ social media accounts and wrote corporate blog content to generate leads and enhance web visibility. As her digital marketing skills expanded, Amanda branched out into freelance content writing in 2014. Shortly after, she opened Busy Blogs Plus in 2015. She now dedicates her time to helping businesses grow through the power of blogging and content marketing. Amanda has also hosted a Business Blogging Workshop at DOYO Live—a digital marketing conference featuring keynote speaker Joe Pulizzi from Content Marketing Institute. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing & Editing.

Cody Lynch is the Founder and Communications Manager of Busy Blogs Plus. He has 15 years’ experience in sales and customer service. He primarily focuses on social media strategy development, keyword research, and blog topic strategy. He streamlines the creative process behind Busy Blogs Plus and ensures quality content is delivered to client standards.


Why Choose Busy Blogs Plus?

At Busy Blogs Plus, you won’t receive run-of-the-mill content. Your blogs are custom made to fit the voice of your brand like a glove—and if you don’t have a voice or style for your blog, we can help you find it. We like to get elbow-deep in blog strategy, and want our clients to have the best of the best with our personal touch.

Furthermore, we help businesses maximize brand exposure through multi-channel marketing. We leverage the power of business blogging and turbo charge content through video, slideshows, eBooks, and more. This enables our clients to reach a larger audience base while ultimately boosting website traffic and generating new business. Learn more about our content repurposing services here.

Busy Blogs Plus is a Limited Liability Company. It is based in Youngstown, Ohio.