About Busy Blogs Plus

Amanda Lynch is the owner, copywriter, and brains behind Busy Blogs Plus. Dubbed a “literary genius” by her high school English teacher, it’s no surprise that Amanda took to the world of writing as a career.

She worked as a corporate content creator and social media manager after graduating college in 2011. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing & Editing.

As her digital marketing skills expanded, Amanda branched out into freelance content writing in 2014. 

Shortly after, she opened Busy Blogs Plus in 2015. Amanda prides herself in quick communication and providing clients with top-quality copy. Her copy and strategy ideas helped businesses generate leads, yielding tens-of-thousands of dollars from a single sale.

With a flair for writing creative copy that pops, Amanda streamlines her talents for the business world to reach sales and marketing goals for companies of all sizes.  

Cody Lynch is the inspiration behind the birth of Busy Blogs Plus in 2015. His encouragement lead to the beginning of the business and its name. He primarily focuses on social media strategy and social media copywriting.


Why Choose Busy Blogs Plus?

 At Busy Blogs Plus, we craft copy with the quality and value of crown jewels. Your content is custom made with careful thought going into every word—and if you don’t have a voice or style for your brand, we can help you find it.

We like to get elbow-deep in content creation and strategy, and want our clients to have the best of the best with our personal touch.

You can expect excellence on all accounts while working with Busy Blogs Plus. Aside from delivering top-quality copy, we’re friendly and fast at responding to emails. All copy is closely reviewed before delivery with two minor revisions free of charge. We want your copy to be on-point, always. That’s why we have such a high retention and satisfaction rate with our copywriting and social media clients.

Busy Blogs Plus is a Limited Liability Company, founded in 2015 and registered in the state of Ohio, USA.