SEO Blog Topic Ideas & Content Calendar


Are you struggling to find blog topics every month that your customers want to read? 

It’s difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming to plan out blog topics every month.


Especially if you’re using blogging to generate leads, build authority, and populate interesting content on your social media accounts.


But we can help.


Get ready-to-go blog topics that are supercharged with SEO, resulting in content that resonates with customers and Google. Our Blog Planning & Keyword Research service eliminates the worry of wondering what to blog about month after month.


We don’t just guess on what topics are best for your blog. We dive deep into keyword research, trending topics in your industry, and even research questions asked by potential customers. 


What’s Included in Your Blog Planning and Keyword Research Report?


We’ll deliver a convenient blogging calendar with keywords to your inbox that contains:

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One Excel File:

  • Blog topic titles, unique to your brand with researched keywords (if applicable).
  • Keywords, search volume per month, competition, number of results for specific keywords on Google.
  • Publishing dates.


One PDF Document:


  • Category & tag suggestions for each post to help sort and organize content.
  • Permalink (URL structure) suggestion for each post, for better SEO.

We Can Write Your Content, Too!

Busy Blogs Plus will write the content for you if you supplement with one of our high quality blogging packages.

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