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Introducing the 360 Blog Strategy, exlcusive to Busy Blogs Plus.


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Blog planning is a critical piece of the puzzle to your content marketing success. However, as of August 2019, 63% of marketers do not have a documented content strategy.

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What’s more is that not having a strategy in place also produces additional problems for content marketing as a whole. These are the three most common problems marketers face with their content today.

content strategy challenges

Today, blogging is more challenging than ever. You must:

  • Choose topics that are going to boost your bottom line—otherwise, you’re wasting precious time and resources.
  • Consider your audience and what they want to read and know about.
  • Spend hours with expensive software to choose the best keywords.
  • Contemplate the perfect blog topic for your post, only to result in low click-through rates and lack of interest.
  • Write compelling subheaders in addition to blog titles. These should be optimized for SEO while being catchy to read.
  • Scratch your head over internal linking inside your post.
  • Find credible resources and research so you can even begin writing your blog post. So time consuming!
  • Assign categories and tags to WordPress posts.
  • Finally, after all your creative energy is zapped, you need to write a strong call-to-action to get your audience to act.

No wonder it’s so challenging for marketers and business owners to develop a strong blog strategy. Even worse, you might consider just skipping blog planning because it’s too complicated and time consuming.

With the 360 Blog Strategy, we put the puzzle together for you so you can get to writing your next masterpiece blog post! 



What’s included in your 360 Blog Strategy?

SEO/Keyword Reasearch

SEO research kicks off your 360 Blog Strategy. We use powerful industry tools to choose the best keywords for your new blog content, all hand-picked with our expert SEO insight. You’ll receive a list of keywords with your top 10 best opportunities highlighted. We only choose keywords that you can realistically rank for over time, based on competition and the quality of blog posts you can produce around those keywords.



Word Count Estimate and Competitor Research

What type of word count is best for your new blog content? While long-form blogging has a lot of benefits, this isn’t always the best approach. There are varying factors to consider when choosing a word count estimate for blog content, and we’ll provide estimates on the word count range to consider.


Headline Testing & Emotional Response 

Did you know that blog headlines can have an emotional response to your readers? By using the Advanced Marketing Institute’s Emotional Headline analyzer, we can help you develop a stronger connection to your audience by your blog headline.


Deep Research and Credible Links 

What are the best sources to use for writing your blog content? Let us find credible, relevant, and timely sources to support what you need to write a fantastic blog from top to bottom.


Trending Topic and Industry Reseach

What’s the buzz about in your industry right now? We can help dig up trends of content that are trending in your industry. Why does this matter? It can help us develop blog topics that your audience will want to read, but that’s not all. This part of the blog strategy helps us implement aspects such as the SEO skyscraper technique, writing even better and in-depth blog posts than the competition. This translates to more value to your readers as well as Google.


Blog Headline Writing

After writing hundreds of blog headlines over the years, there is a science and an art to getting the best results. Good blog headline writing can result in more clicks and traffic to your website as well as improve conversions.


Subheader Writing/Internal Linking Concept 

Next, you’re going to need to consider some subheaders for your content. These are typically used with H1, H2, or H3 tags which is beneficial for SEO. We’ll offer a couple of ideas for subheaders to use in your blog post, implementing keywords and helping you to provide depth to your blog content. We’ll also make suggestions on internal links you can use in your blog posts.


Categories and Tags 

If you’re using WordPress, we’ll provide category and tag suggestions to keep your content organized. This will also help customers jump from one topic to another easily if they want to browse around.


Strong call-to-action

Lastly, you’ll need a call-to-action to help you get the best benefits out of your blog. We’ll write click-worthy call-to-actions for you to place in your blog content!


360 Data Package (One Excel File):

  • Blog topic titles, unique to your brand with researched keywords (if applicable).
  • Emotional headline anaylizer score for each blog topic.
  • Keywords, search volume per month, competition, number of results for specific keywords on Google.
  • Internal links to use for each post.
  • Word count per post determined by today’s best content marketing and blogging practices.
  • Publishing dates.


360 Blog Stategy Evaluation Summary (One MS WORD Document):

Our summary and expert insight into how we developed your blog strategy, including notes and thoughts we had along the way!


360 Blog Resources, Subheader, Call-to-Action (One PDF Document):


  • Subheader list for corresponding blog posts.
  • Call-to-action suggestion for each blog post. 
  • Category & tag suggestions for each post to help sort and organize content.
  • Links to competitor content that you can use to shape and improve. You can consider using the skyscraper techique with these posts and more.
  • Links to any supporting reference content that is helpful for crafting the blog post, including trending content with a lot of social media shares or credible sources such as .gov or .edu.


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