They’re the invisible force that makes the content marketing world go ‘round.

Ghost blog writers are everywhere and it’s often impossible to tell when you’re reading their work. They fly under the radar as they anonymously pen the words of powerful CEOs, entrepreneurs, and small business owners around the globe.

You might be surprised at just how many companies hire a ghost blog writer, but its a savvy business move that can yield hauntingly good results.

Why Would Anyone Hire a Ghost Blog Writer?

You’re an expert in your field. You rule the roost of your business and you may even enjoy writing a blog post or two—when you get to it.

Your love of blog writing may leave you believing that you don’t need any help with content creation. You scoff at the thought of outsourcing blog writing services. After all, you know you’re an excellent writer and no one is challenging that fact.

Whether you love to write or not, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use a hand when it comes to blog writing. I am a professional writer and sometimes wish I had someone writing my blogs for me!

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These are a few common reasons why some choose to outsource their blog content:

  • Lack of time. Listen, writing quality content takes time. A lot of time. According to HubSpot, some marketers spend over 4 hours on one 500-word blog post. That’s the equivalent to one page, single space in Microsoft Word. Yikes!
  • Lack of ideas. Coming up with blog topic ideas is one of the most challenging aspects of blogging for business.
  • Running out of steam. Maybe you’ve exhausted ideas and you’re losing motivation to continue with your blogging, even though you know it’s important.
  • You want to kick back on the beach and relax while your blog content is on autopilot. Honestly, you really don’t want this?

The truth is that a blog ghost writer brings a lot to the table, including the points below.

Spark Some New Creativity

According to the newest 2019 Content Marketing Benchmarks, the most successful organizations using content marketing value creativity through content production.

If you’re struggling on the creative side or just need some new ideas in place, ghost blog writers can turn up the volume when it comes to creative blog content. Creative content is important for your brand because it differentiates you from the competition.

How is creative content defined? A study conducted by Girne American University explains it as content that is original and valuable. In fact, the study also claims that creative advertising is essential to the survival of a business due to market saturation and competitive pricing.

The bottom line? If you blend in with all of the other blogs in your industry, you’re sure to get left behind.

Some elements of creative blog content include:

creative content

  • Surprise: We’re talking about the good type of surprise, here. The type that delights your audience and makes them think, wow, how did they come up with that?
  • Contrast/Comparison: I personally love coming up with interesting analogies to compare and contrast unrelated objects. You can get really creative with it, but this approach can also help you break down complex topics into more relatable content.
  • New Perspective: Offering a unique angle can easily set you apart from the competition.
  • Visuals and media: Original graphics or video add spice to blog content.
  • Presentation: It’s the entire package. The topic you choose, the formatting, graphics, and the quality content you offer is presented in a way that’s unique to your brand.

Speaking of creativity, I have a quick story for you. Back in August, I got to see Allen Garnett speak about his book The Creative Curve: How to Develop the Right Idea, at the Right Time. It was at a marketing conference in Youngstown, Ohio, and his presentation was funny and memorable.

allen garnett the creative curve

Anyway, his presentation covered how creative breakthroughs occur. Even if you think you aren’t the creative type, Allen’s book proves otherwise. However, if you simply don’t have time to map out a creative blog strategy with quality content, this is where ghost blog writers can lend a hand.

Take Your Content Quality from ‘OK’ to Outstanding

If you’re yearning for content that hits the mark in terms of quality, a highly skilled blog writer can make a massive difference with your content.

Honestly, the “quality content” horn is tooted so often that some are losing sight of what it really means. It’s more than just having good grammar and getting backlinks. It’s an entire approach to how you package your content and present it in the best light to your audience.

Here is how a good web writer can improve your content quality:

  • Sinking extra effort and resources into your blog content: We’re not talking about text and a stock photo. This type of content truly shines from any other type of content that’s out there. To start, it’s the 10x content approach where you aim to outperform the competitor holding the number one spot for your specific keyword.
  • Data that proves its value: If you take the time to hire a writer for your blog, make sure you have Google Analytics installed so you can see how traffic builds over time. However, remember to take vanity metrics with a grain of salt. What really matters is that the content is converting and bringing you more business.
  • Content that is built for engagement: Do you truly know how to engage your audience with your blog content? If not, a good writer can drum up engagement on social media as well as Google.
  • Copywriting that increases conversions: Marketing copywriters know how to encourage your audience to download gated content to build your mailing list or contact you to learn more about your business.
  • Blog posts that your audience will remember: Think about the time that you found content that was so compelling, you bookmarked it and use it as a resource until this day. The best type of blogs offer this type of value and stay on top of mind when customers need

When the quality of your content is on-point, it resonates with customers on a deeper level even in terms of user experience—which is where another benefit of outsourcing content comes into play.

Improve User Experience

I hate to say it, but writers are a dime a dozen. However, GOOD WRITERS certainly are not! The best writers know how to format blog posts that make the content easier to read and can improve the overall user experience of your blog.

What does it take to make a great user experience through your blog content? Consider the following:

  • Voice-optimized content. Voice search optimization should be a major part of your blog strategy if it’s not already. Why? There are an estimated one million voice searches per month today and these numbers only continue to climb. A marketing content writer knows what’s vital for writing for voice search, including asking a lot of questions throughout the content.
  • Interesting and clickable headlines. You can’t expect your content to get web traffic or engagement if your blog title is lackluster. You’ll need a marketing copywriting to craft exceptional (and wickedly cool) headlines.
  • Easy to read. Unless you’re in a highly technical industry, most people aren’t looking to read a lot of mumbo-jumbo filled with industry jargon. The best blog content is easy to read and understand.
  • Actionable info. What tips and advice can you include to make the lives of your audience easier?
  • Proper formatting. Your blog format matters when it comes to user experience. Use plenty of white spice and visuals to keep the audience engaged.

Best SEO Writing Practices

It’s not safe to assume that all writers understand SEO. Good seo content writers are highly experienced in crafting content that resonates with both people and search engines. Simply knowing a keyword and stuffing it into a sentence won’t win in any type of SEO game these days.

For example, do you know how to handle awkward keyword phrases? If you’re using keywords such as “dog grooming Pittsburgh”, you don’t want to write a blog post around the keyword in this exact format. It’s not a phrase that your customers will naturally use since it’s grammatically incorrect.

What’s the workaround? Stop words! The graphic below demonstrates how seo content writers use stop words to improve the flow of your optimized content:

seo stop words

Stop words aren’t your only battle when it comes to writing for the search engines. You’ll also need to consider other SEO writing tips, such as:

  • Using synonymous keyword variations in a single post. What are those keywords and how do you apply them?
  • Understanding user intent of those keywords. You may think that you know why your customer is Googling a specific keyword, but try conducting the search yourself before moving forward with a term.
  • Choosing keywords that provide the best ROI. Neil Patel and Eric Siu’s Marketing School Podcast frequently gives the following advice for high ROI keywords: high search volume, low competition, and high CPC. Yes, it might be the unicorn of all keywords, but they do exist!
  • Correct placement of keywords where they are most important. Keyword placement goes beyond the body of your blog content! Don’t forget about alt tags, title tags, and even internal links.

When it comes to moving forward with your SEO content writing, don’t forget that blog strategy encompasses the big picture.

A Best Buddy for Blog Strategy

I just discussed how not all writers are SEO content writers. This is also true when it comes to blog content planning. Not all writers are content strategists. Content strategy is a specialized skill, just like SEO content writing. However, when you can find a content writer who is able to strategize your blog planning efforts, you’ll feel like you hit the writer lottery.

How do you know when a blog writer is qualified to do content planning? One of the basic fundamentals is knowing what you should include in your content calendar. My blogging tips video below explains in under 60 seconds what you need for a well-rounded blog editorial calendar.

Remember that research is a critical part of the process for blog planning. You’ll want to consider elements such as competitor analysis. This involves taking a deep dive into the competition to uncover what keywords they are ranking for and how you can top it—which circles back to the 10x content approach.

Furthermore, you’ll need to analyze how the keywords in your blog connect to your overall marketing goals. Are you trying for a better search engine presence? How about branding? This all matters when it comes to developing your ideal blog strategy.

Your Right-Hand Ghost Blog Writer

How about I write your blog content while you get all the credit? I’ve done it for countless clients and can do it for you as well. I love helping clients find their blogging voice and amplifying their blogging return on investment. If you’re looking for a blog writer who can navigate the confusing sea of SEO writing with on-point blog strategy, let’s talk about how we can move forward.