It’s a big world out there when it comes to products, services, and industries. There’s no shortage in variety of professions, and most of every industry benefits from marketing in one way or another. While business blogging might not be the go-to form of marketing (yet), it’s important to realize that blogs, in fact, drive business.

But your industry is too boring, too complex, or just not relevant enough to establish a company blog.

Wrong. Completely wrong.

Your industry can benefit from blogging, and here’s how 36 different industries can use a company blog to directly generate business.

1. Accounting

Accountants can attract new clients by blogging about the benefits of hiring an accounting professional. Tap into the convenience factor of having a knowledgeable and reliable accountant on-call whenever a need arises.

2. Bakeries

Use drool-worthy photos of your best batches to lure customers into picking up the phone. And after you’re done uploading a few photos, don’t forget to include the details of taste and texture in your blog post.

3. Banking

With personal banking, most people are concerned about the security of their accounts. Use your banking blog to outline the steps taken to provide extra layers of security to customer accounts. This will help your bank build a solid reputation, which can help encourage customers to open an account.

4. Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfasts should use location and history to your advantage. Blog about the history of your Bed and Breakfast and highlight any notable people who have stayed at your location. Interesting backstories on your Bed and Breakfast can help bring in new visitors.

5. Campgrounds

Campgrounds will also benefit from blogging about location highlights. Showcase the details that make your campground unique, and don’t forget to give helpful camping tips in your blog along the way.

6. Car Washes

Car washes can use a blog to play up the advantages of cleaning your car professionally vs. DIY. Who wants streaks on their car after spending 30 minutes washing, rinsing, and repeating?

7. Cleaning Company

Similar to the car wash blogging strategy, cleaning companies should emphasize the convenience of allowing a professional to handle day-to-day chores. It all comes down the value of your services and how you can make your customers’ lives easier.

8. Construction/Home Remodeling

Home remodeling companies can drive business by showcasing the amount of time it may take an average homeowner to complete a project. When homeowners lack time and experience, a home remodeling company blog can provide direction, which can ultimately lead to a new client.

9. Copy Shops

Copy shops might be seen as a traditional industry, but blogging can ultimately increase sales. Use a company blog to your advantage and hammer home the benefits of print, whether it’s for business cards, direct mailers, or door hangers. Blogging about your personal case studies for print advertising can get new customers knocking at your door.

10. Counseling

Counseling clinics can bring in new clients by blogging and story telling. Focus on success stories and before/afters with clients who are willing to talk about their journey.

11. Daycare Services

Daycare facilities can increase enrollment by blogging about what’s special about your services. Differentiate yourself from your competitors on your blog and highlight popular activities.

12. Dentists

Dentists can offer helpful at-home remedies for toothaches on their blog. You can also help your search engine ranking by triggering the right keywords for new clients to find you.

13. Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaners get their fair share of “Can I dry clean . . .” questions. Create a series for these questions on your blog, and always remember to encourage your readers to contact you for more professional guidance.

14. Education

Education is a broad term, but blogging in this industry can help enrollment by showcasing success stories. Think about special students who have greatly improved with the help of your institution or are excelling in their careers after graduation.

15. Employment Agencies

Employment agencies can generate traffic and increase applications by using the right keywords. Investigate the jobs that people are searching for in your area(s), and use your blog to drive more applicants to your website.

16. Event Planning

Event planners have a million different angles for a company blog. One is to blog about how you implemented hot and trending decor into a show-stopping extravaganza. Sell yourself with your skills and blog by using real-life examples and helpful tips.

17. Family Medicine

Family practitioners are also prime candidates for blog storytelling. With permission from your patients, document interesting journeys and how your practice helps patients turn over a new leaf.

18. Farmer’s Markets

Farmer’s Markets can drum up new business by blogging about the quality and health benefits of their produce. Many health-conscious people are concerned about the source of their produce. Document the stages of growth from the ground to the shelf.

19. Florists

Florists can blog about in-season flowers that can save customers money. If the price is right, more new customers will pick up the phone from your blog’s helpful guidance.

20. Food Packaging

Food packaging plants can offer direction for marketing and selecting the best quality food packaging. The key is to showcase in-depth product knowledge and offer solutions for food manufacturers through blogging.

21. Funeral Homes

People who are reading a funeral home blog are likely looking for guidance, but your topics don’t necessarily need to be morbid. Offer tips for streamlining funeral arrangements, how to choose the right funeral home, or blog about any impact your funeral home has made on your community.

22. Furniture Retailers

Furniture retailers can take advantage of blogging from an interior design angle. Furthermore, you can also blog about the quality of your furniture and any interesting history, such as handmade or one-of-a-kind pieces. Use your blog to showcase special pieces, and give more in-depth product information than your description pages can provide.

23. Garden Centers

Garden Centers aren’t limited to spring and summer blogging. Blog all year long and bring in new customers by blogging about plant care tips, and don’t forget to highlight seasonal plants and flowers for your customers’ gardens.

24. Grocery Stores

Grocery store blogs can highlight unique recipes that cater to their target audience. For example, grocery stores that specialize in health food can focus on recipes that involve lean meats and vegetables. Including recipe food items that are currently on sale can help send customers heading to your store.

25. Heating and Cooling

Heating and Cooling companies can blog about the energy saving benefits of replacing their HVAC systems. Since HVAC systems are expensive, you can help sell systems by educating and demonstrating advantages.

26. Hotels/Resorts

Hotels and resorts can help fill up rooms by blogging about recreational activities around the area. If your hotel or resort has a particularly interesting history, you can get an edge with some storytelling through your blog.

27. Insurance Agencies

There’s a lot of competition with insurance agencies, so be sure to do some keyword research for the right blog topics. Pick your select keywords and blog consistently. Offer advice for common insurance needs that is general enough to be helpful, but also search engine friendly.

28. Internet Service Providers

Readers who are browsing Internet service provider blogs could be looking for troubleshooting solutions. Create a series that helps your readers resolve common service-related issues. This will help establish a sense of trust with your readers, which can help generate inquiries about your service.

29. Jewelry Retailers

Jewelry retailers can use the free jewelry cleaning call-to-action to bring in business. Jewelers can also blog about how to tell the difference of real and fake diamonds, or determining the value of gold.

30. Landscaping

Landscaping companies can demonstrate how to put a professional touch on residential lawns and gardens. After giving an extensive guide, remind your readers that upkeep is required to keep your landscaping looking fresh all season long—and coincidentally, you are for hire.

31. Law Firms

Law Firms can help bring in new clients by documenting successful cases, as well as giving helpful (yet general) advice to readers. In addition, be sure to emphasis what your reader has to lose by not hiring your law firm.

32. Museums

Museums might be filled with history, but that doesn’t mean their blogs have to be a snooze. Blogging about event highlights, exhibit overviews, and interesting stories will all help bring in new visitors.

33. Non-Profits

Non-profits can use blogging to help generate donations to their organization. Pulling on heartstrings is one of the easiest ways to bring in donations, and your blog can be the showcase for your community-based accomplishments.

34. Nursing Homes

Nursing home blogs can highlight popular recreational activities for residents. The key is to blog about why your residents love your facility, and build a connection of trust between yourself and potential residents, or their families.

35. Nutritionists

Nutritionists should blog about the benefits of a healthy diet and how it increases your overall well being. Use your blog for readers to make a connection between a better, healthier life by following a customized nutritional plan.

36. Pest Control

Pest control blog readers are looking for your guidance on how to effectively rid of pests for good. Offer your best expertise for at-home remedies, but always stress the importance of hiring a professional for persistent infestations. Getting your readers to understand your value is key to getting your office phone ringing.

Realistically, we could go on for days with industries that can drive business with blogging. Any industry can bring in new customers with their blog if they hit the right notes in education, entertainment, usefulness, and relevance.

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