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Busy Blogs Plus offers an entirely unique approach to building your own custom blog package complete with professionally written blogs, fresh topic ideas, and interactive media.

The difference between a bland company blog and a “Busy Blog” is the ability to reach your customers from multiple platforms by using innovative strategies—targeting profitable keywords and transforming them into turbocharged blogs and multimedia that grows your business.

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How to Build Your Business Blog: Step-by-Step

Blog Posts Are Your Foundation

Start building your Busy Blog by considering how many blog posts that you want to publish per month. There is no right or wrong number—it all depends on your goal and how aggressively you want to approach blogging. The more that you blog, the more opportunity that you have for reaching new customers and driving traffic.

4 Blogs Per Month: Beginner, start establishing your blog
8 Blogs Per Month: Intermediate, build an audience
12 Blogs Per Month: Advanced, boost traffic
16-20 Blogs Per Month: Aggressive

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Plan For The Future: What Will You Blog About?

Now that you know how many blog posts that you want for the month, what will you blog about? If you are a whiz at coming up with new topics on a whim, you can skip this part. If you want a blog but have no idea what to write about, you will need to add blog topics to your package. So, for example, if you order 10 blog posts and 10 blog topics, we will come up with 10 original topics and write your 10 blog posts.

Each package that includes blog topics includes an editorial calendar. Not only will we provide topic ideas, we’ll tell you the best days to publish your blog.

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Target The Right Keywords

Keywords are a big part of boosting the profitability for your blog. Discovering the right keywords for your business blog can be like hitting a goldmine—not to mention, it gives your blog extra juice for the search engines.

It’s highly recommended to order a keyword report to ensure that the correct keywords are being used throughout your business blog. It also helps us understand your business from a consumer’s perspective and generate topics with great profitability potential.

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Boost Social Visibility With Social Blog Banners

So you have your blog posts for the month and your blog topics. And most likely you plan to use social media to promote those posts, right? If so, this is where the fun begins. Social blog banners are like headline highlighters that showcase your blog on social media. They are custom designed to use for nearly any social platform and are perfect to grab the attention of your audience. Not to mention, they really streamline the look of your blog and help encourage social shares.

Ideally, every blog post should include a social blog banner for promotional purposes. Social posts that contain images are more likely to be shared than posts that contain no images at all. If you rely heavily on social media to promote your blogs, social blog banners can make a big impact on your campaign.

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Supplement Your Blog With Slideshows

Slideshows help accomplish several goals for business blogs. First, they help increase your company’s exposure. Slideshows are embeddable, so they can be shared across industry website and drive more traffic. Furthermore, they help cater to different learning styles of your readers. Each slideshow is based off of a blog post, so keep this in mind when you submit your order. The number of slideshows that you decide on all depends on how aggressive you plan to approach your blogging strategy. A slideshow for every blog post is the most aggressive approach, but sprinkling in several slideshows over the course of the month is completely acceptable.

2 Slideshows per Month: Beginner

4 Slideshows Per Month: Intermediate

6 Slideshows Per Month: Advanced

8+ Slideshows Per Month: Aggressive


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Supercharge Your Exposure With Blog Video Content

Video blog content is the cherry on top for your Busy Blog. It’s highly engaging, interactive, and puts a new spin on your blog that your competitors can’t touch. Video is considered high quality content for your blog (if done correctly) and has great potential for reaching new audiences. It also gives you a new opportunity to optimize your target keywords for YouTube, giving you the ultimate boost of exposure for your industry. Since video blog content is high quality, you can get away with fewer videos per month while still making a big impact on your blogging strategy.

1 Video Per Month: Beginner

2 Videos Per Month: Intermediate

3 Videos Per Month: Advanced

4+ Videos Per Month: Aggressive

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