Keyword Research & Strategy

What’s Included: Keyword strategy report, 10 blog topic suggestions with keywords, analysis of best-performing content in your industry.

We don’t just give you a list of keywords and send you on your way—we tell you how to use the keywords to get the best results.

You will receive a report of 100+ keywords (depending on availability and industry). Busy Blogs Plus will narrow down the selection with the top 10 most recommended keywords based on competition and search volume.

From there, we’ll provide a corresponding list of blog topics where you can apply your best keywords to help boost sales.

You will also receive keyword snapshots that include your industry’s most competitive and least competitive keywords. There will also be links on the most hot and trending topics in your industry at the moment, so you’ll have additional references to use to create your best blog content yet.

This isn’t just a keyword planner—it’s a keyword strategy.

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