Keyword Research Reports

Keyword research is not only necessary for generating traffic, but it is also a powerful tool for generating the right kind of traffic. You can optimize your website with any keyword under the sun, but this doesn’t mean that your customers are searching for your specified term.


Sometimes, the right keywords aren’t so obvious.

Busy Blogs Plus uses industry-leading keyword research tools to generate reports that is custom for your unique website. Our keyword tool of choice is highly accurate, and it will break down your keyword data to display how many search queriers are generated per year, as well as how competitive your keyword is on Google.

Your keyword research report takes the guesswork out of what keywords to use for your blogs. You won’t waste your time targeting keywords that lack ROI. With Busy Blogs Plus, your blog posts will be crafted with your targeted keywords in mind.

Order Keyword Report $50

Ordering a Single Keyword Report

You may order a single keyword research report a la cart. Whether you choose to have your blogs crafted by Busy Blogs Plus, or you are going it alone, you can use your keyword report for any content generation or advertising needs.

Single keyword reports are beneficial to those who are interested in managing their own company blog, but need a bit of direction for both SEO and content generation purposes.

For your convenience, your keyword report will be delivered to you in a PDF format.