Lead Magnet Service

Lead magnets bring value to your customers while bringing big results to your business. Designed to enhance brand visibility, build authority, and increase sales, the lead magnet service from Busy Blogs Plus offers exceptional copy to capture customer information for your email database. 

Copywriting for Lead Magnets 

If you’re interested in a lead magnet to build your business, it’s essential that the copywriting is on-point. Otherwise, you will likely struggle to get the results that you want.

Our lead magnet service creates stellar copy for a variety of lead magnet types.

Some of the different lead magnet service types we work with include:

  • Short ebook copywriting
  • White paper copywriting 
  • Case study copywriting 
  • Checklists 
  • Swipe files 

Our Process for Diamond-Status Lead Magnet Copywriting 

How do we ensure that customers love your lead magnet as much as you do?

We first work to understand the type of lead magnet you need and the goals attached to it. 

If you aren’t sure about the type of lead magnet that is right for you, we can offer you a consultation on this to you get you set up.

Depending on the style of the lead magnet, we’ll get to work producing copy. This typically includes in-depth research since lead magnets are viewed as high-value content.

Busy Blogs Plus only offers design services for checklist-style lead magnets.

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