Your business blog is built on words. With every keystroke, your word choice sends customers ideas, messages, or advice that can help influence their daily lives. Words undoubtedly make a big impact, but your blog’s presentation holds more power than you realize.

Think of your blog as a gift and the presentation as the packaging. You wouldn’t wrap a diamond inside of a garbage bag, would you?

The presentation of a blog post helps keep your readers’ attention while adding a dash of personality. You can have the best blog article in the world, but poor formatting and presentation can easily drive customers away.

So, here are a few powerful presentation pointers to make your business blog look (and read) pretty spectacular. These tips range from basic to advanced, but they all contribute to building an authoritative and engaging business blog.

Pack a Punch With Small Paragraphs

In the world of blogging, bigger isn’t always better—at least with the idea of paragraphs. Big blocks of text won’t win your readers over, so don’t treat your blog post like a book report.

In fact, shorter paragraphs are better for presentation and readability for your customers.

This is because your customers tend to skim your blog rather than reading it in depth. Shorter paragraphs help your customers flow through your post without overwhelming them with big blocks of text.

No one wants to read a blog that’s one giant block of text. Back button, anyone?

So stick to small paragraphs on your business blog. Three to four sentences per paragraph are just about perfect. There are always exceptions, but three to four sentences gives you wiggle room for your writing, and an easier read for your customer.

Split it Up With Snappy Sub headers

Speaking of paragraphs, you’ll want to add visual cues as you transition ideas. This all goes back to increasing the readability of your blog, allowing your customers to jump from idea to idea without playing guessing games.

The idea is to add sub headers whenever you switch main ideas. Notice how all of the sub header advice in this blog post is nestled under a related sub header.

Remember to creative with your sub headers. There’s no need to feed your audience with tired title—this will encourage nothing but skipping over your entire blog. Keep your subtitles interesting to encourage your readers to read through each section.

Add Pizzazz With Plugins

This is more advanced than basic HTML commands, but they’re insanely easy to implement if you have working knowledge of WordPress. It only takes a couple clicks of a button to take your blog’s presentation to another level with an interesting plugin or two.

For example, let’s say that your business moved to a new office and you have a dozen or so photos that you want to post. While you can choose to simply upload these photos directly into your blog, why settle for a standard photo gallery?

Simply pop a slideshow plugin into your WordPress blog post and instantly obtain an interactive photo gallery, like this one:

[slideshow_deploy id=’860′]

You can use slideshows to showcase a gallery, or even link to old blog posts.

Get Happy With HTML

Well, not too happy.

Basic HTML goes a long way in your blog post. It gives your posts personality, texture, and adds a level of interest with your words.

Don’t limit yourself to only the bold tag, as there are quite a few interesting HTML elements out there to help enhance your blog’s presentation. Incorporate header tags, underlines, and italics.

Go easy on the HTML though, because your business blog can quickly end up looking like a middle school kid’s first website. Highlight what’s important or a standout phrase or two within your post.

Add Images For Instant Engagement (Data Based)

Your company blog post might be around 500 words, but remember that a picture is worth 1000 words (or more). Blog posts with no pictures scream bland.

Sure, we are adults and we can do without picture books, but there’s statistical data to support why you should always incorporate images in your blog.

For starters, people process visual content 60,000 times faster than text.

Furthermore, images help attract up to 67% of your target audience.

And if that’s not enough, images can help increase engagement of your business blog by 37%.

So, add images to that blog post. Take them yourself, select from interesting stock photos, or even ask for customers to contribute.

Always strive to keep your images original. But if original images aren’t an option, be sure to give credit where it’s due.

Sketch it Out

So maybe you’re not exactly tech savvy enough to make a video or a slideshow. You’re in luck!

With the help of your tablet, you can add sketches and doodles to your blog posts without much effort at all. Unfortunately, my drawing skills are subpar, but these are a few apps that can help give your business blog posts an edge.

Sketch Guru

Sketchbook Express

Sketch Club


Bring Your Blog to Life With Video

Videos are possibly the most engaging presentation tool available for your business blog. New data is constantly being released with how users interact with and watch video online, and the proof is in the pudding.

You don’t have to be a whiz to get video on your blog. Depending on your goals and the purpose of your video, you can record video on your smartphone and upload it to YouTube. Embed your video on your blog post and voila—you’ve officially joined the growing trend of video marketing.


But if you don’t trust yourself behind the camera, there’s always the option of producing fun and engaging videos while you focus on running your business.

Feeling Inspired?

busyclockAdd pizzaz to your presentation with custom blog videos busyclock

With all of the awesome and interactive options available for your business, there’s no excuse to have a bland blog. If the options feel overwhelming, start small and integrate what’s scalable for you at the time.

As your business blog continues to grow, continue enhancing your presentation and master the art (and science) of customer engagement.


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